My name is Tyler Harder, a New Media artist in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. A graduate from the University of Lethbridge, I specialize in computer visuals, multimedia production, and mass communication.

I would define New Media as any form of art that uses modern technology as a platform, but I'm also proficient in traditional art, acting and music. I often use my traditional art skills to build on my New Media productions in film and video, special effects and compositing, modeling and animation, and audio. The skills in a New Media artist are certainly extensive!

With all that in mind, please browse through my portfolio and posts, check out my resume, and feel free to contact me. Please enjoy!

Recent Updates


A Surprise TV Appearance

Some of my CSA work was on national television. Check it out below!

Refreshing Blast of Code

Gave the website a code refresh. A content refresh is coming soon!

Secure Contact Form added

Feel free to use this form to reach me. It's secure AND easy to use!