2-D Work - Canadian Space Agency

The Zarya and Zvezda (Russian components) of the ISS were the first parts of the station and needed their own solar array wings. The Zvezda's wings are still open, and required model decals to be attached. Using our database of references and photos, I managed to replicate scale sized solar arrays for the Zvezda component, which would attach using dowel pins.

Perhaps my biggest challenge both literally and otherwise, my task was to produce 8 pairs of solar array wings, which were over 70cm long each, even at 1:50 scale! These decals were massive and double-sided, requiring a strong and light interface to the model. I designed aluminum supports that held up these arrays and allowed them to turn.

Making 3-D models is one task, these models also require decals to match the ones on the real objects. These resemble actual logos and details. One of my tasks was to produce our scale models of Dextre. While the decals (shown on the left) weren't meant to go on these 1:30 models, they did go on the 1:8 models for another department.

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