3-D Work - Canadian Space Agency

The Mobile Base System is a robotic rail system that the Canadarm and Dextre units connect to and temporarily store payloads. I created this model to fit the agency's existing rail system and connect with their small Canadarm models.

The Socket Extension Tool is a spring-loaded torque converter designed to extend the range of the Dextre robot's hand. I created and printed the model, which is full-scale and fully functional.

The Automated Transfer Vehicle is an unmanned transport ship currently used to move supplies to the International Space Station. At the time, the specifications of the ship were confidential and I had to create the model with the resources I could gather.

The Latching End Effector and Power Data Grapple Fixture components are the standard "hands" used by the robotics of the International Space Station to grab onto structures, payloads and other robotics equipment. I designed a visually comparable system used on the scale models.