About Ty

First, a bit of history...

Both visual and audio experiences inspired me from an early age, where I would read comics and admire the artwork, watch new-fangled computer animation and wonder how it was all put together, and of course listening to music and thinking just how powerful sound can be.

My early years began with reading and performing music, creating graphic layouts on an early Powerbook, and of course playing video games, which became a strong inspiration to my graphic designs. I started with CAD software in school, then moved to Maya in 2003 and 3D Studio Max from 2005 onwards.

While I studied and learned 3-D modeling and animation, I also maintained my 2-D skills through traditional art like drawing and colourizing, while also learning computer art tools like Photoshop and CorelDraw. Around this time I also began studying Flash and W3C standard web design.

Since my early years, I've refined my skills through a wonderful university education. I've gained more abilities like cinematography, video editing, special effects compositing, and of course audio production, all while evolving my existing graphic production skills.

What I do Today

I took on the task of learning through observation, education and trial and error, and today am capable of producing a wide range of graphic and audio art. Many fields share similar processes while others are very unique, yet I apply the same passion and inspiration to all my work.

Ty's Resume

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