Audio Work - Independent Music

Full music in MP3 format.

One to Hide - 4.4 Mb

Teased - 3.5 Mb

Instead - 3.5 Mb

Omnitoms- 5.3 Mb

For you fellow audio geeks out there, here's a bit of technical information about the production process.


Shure SM81 mics for amp capture and acoustic instrument capture, one AKG-C1000 mic for vocals. Electric guitars/bass were also direct-input via a DI Box to the mixer with a pass-thru to the amp rig.


Control|24 surface with ProTools|HD - HD Core, a 96 I/O 24-bit/96 kHz 16-track Audio Interface, a rack of Symetric outboard processors and a Tascam digital audio deck.

There were seven tracks for each song, some mono and some in stereo pairs depending on the mic setup. Some used single and multi-band EQ's and various reverb and non-linear reverb processors. All used a uniquely configured compressor for each instrument. The mastering process featured another unique compressor and a final dithering.